Visualizing Change in Radical Cities and Power of Imagery in Urban Transformation


  • Asma Mehan Texas Tech University; Huckabee College of Architecture



Imagining, Radical Cities, Visual Narratives, Architectural Visualization, Architectural Pedagogy


Cities have consistently served as fertile grounds for the emergence and growth of radical ideas, political transformations, and social movements, with urban landscapes nurturing visionary concepts, idealism, and revolutionary ideologies. This research delves into the captivating world of radical cities, exploring the power of image and visual narratives to communicate and comprehend urban activism within diverse contexts. By analyzing various case studies and student works, we aim to create, study, and reimagine vivid portrayals of urban activism, radical urbanism, and future socio-spatial developments. The focus lies on developing innovative visual modalities and collaborative critical pedagogical approaches that engage with the complexities of radical cities across North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and beyond. In this study, we explore the potential of image and visual narratives to decode and understand pivotal societal transitions in radical cities. By employing imaginative and critical pedagogy, we aspire to foster a more profound comprehension of urban activism and its impact on shaping the cities of the future.




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Mehan, A. (2023). Visualizing Change in Radical Cities and Power of Imagery in Urban Transformation. Img Journal, 4(8), 182–201.